There is little that gains the attention of the world masses more than the arena of sports. For the past century, the human achievement in athletics has reached its pinnacle, giving previous generations heroes that did the impossible, often in the face of hard obstacles such as racism and sexism. Today, such achievements are still made, though often under the cloud of suspicion, one that has turned into a feeding frenzy within the media on par with the gossip columns that float through the latest drunken Hollywood starlets. While such negativity needs to be addressed, the good that is prevalent within the sporting arena is often overlooked, not only because of the focus on the negative and the latest scandal, but also because of a certain bias that permeates throughout the sports press, gravitating most of the face time to specific organizations and players. Said organizations and players are focused on more than others throughout the major professional and collegiate arena, often to the detriment of those oft-overlooked teams that are as good if not better. Here at Cacophony, we’ll try to give attention to everyone deserving of such a spotlight, whether it be positive or negative, whether that team is a personal favorite or not, in a manner that hopefully gives honor to the great sportswriters of the past, while paving our own path to the future.



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