Writing about politics in the public arena is a dangerous game, for too often people tend to write in extremes without thinking with the proper rationality or context needed to understand the issues. One cannot talk about politics without reference to the past, nor can one talk about the future without looking to the present, all encompass the story of our political nature and history, one that is constantly evolving and continuing, no matter how much they try to make us forget the past or force us to believe it has little bearing on the here and now. Here at Cacophony, we refuse to play the game of choosing sides, for both have good ideas as well as bad, even though the powerful have hijacked reasoning in the mainstream media, making the extremes even more dilated, muddling the waters of truth in the realm of the political. Instead, we will call it as we see it, using logic, fact, and a bit of opinion to look at the issues facing our lives, both locally and worldwide.


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