In the past decade, the music industry has gone through a dramatic change started by the ability to download music off the internet, which in turn has caused the major labels to tighten their grip both on their product and the way said product is presented to the public. Within the mainstream press it has become harden to discern whether or not the opinion presented is the one of the writer, or the one dictated by the corporation which signs the paycheck of the writer. In the meantime, the internet press has allowed for discerning opinions to arrive, ones that are not beholden over any corporate mandate, but too often give off the vibe of a music snob of the worst kind, one that operates solely within a specific genre without ever giving the merit that is due to other artists outside of said genre. At Cacophony, we believe in the idea of music both as art and entertainment, fully knowing that a lot of what is presented is subpar at best, but also knowing that there is plenty out there that is worthy of your ears, one just needs to dig a little bit. Our goal is to not only present reviews of albums new and old, but also to look for bands that are deserving of your attention, ones that may not be on the cover of those magazines that litter your grocery store shelves, but have far more talent than just looking pretty for a photographer. The music is out there, we just have to discover it.


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