Tory the Educator

My name is Tory. I am currently in grad school. I have two cats. I have a Wii and an XBOX 360. I love fantasy sports. I love arguing. I have a beautiful lady, whom I love more than anything on this or any other planet. That includes Saturn’s rings, which I admire. My favorite movie is “Goodfellas”. My favorite band is the Beatles. I lean more than left politically. I will be writing film and sports columns, and, if you’re lucky, politics. I live in a house. I feel education is the foundation for everything we do. Ignorance breeds intolerance, and intolerance breeds hate. I believe in the free exchange of ideas. I don’t believe in God. Soon, I will have a puppy. I root for the underdog, and I despise the favorites. I laugh, and try to make others laugh.

Dabbling in Free Speech
The Sliding Sports Landscape
Education in America: Diversity Breeds Controversy
Education in America: If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It. Oops.
New Film Reviews: The Bourne Ultimatum
Where Have You Gone…
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The Cacophony NFL Preview Part IV


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