I consider myself extremely mellow, which highly contributes to my belief that you do not have to be loud and boisterous to be passionate and strong. I try and live by the motto, “I’ll only say what I have to…if that”. I am a Pacific Northwest and Cali Bay Area hybrid, growing up in a house with sports and comedy around me a lot. Politics, current events, sure…I dabble, but I leave most of that to the other experts here at the ol’ Cacophony Cafe. Don’t be quick to judge though, as I am not one of those guys who is trying his hardest to be a generic online Sportscenter analyst…no, no. I have deep and passionate feelings about sports, comedy, music, film, etc. and I do not feel society puts enough emphasis on how these things contribute to what we consider to be “serious” aspects of life. Sure, you’ll find me at a Warriors game with a beer in hand, sporting my “We Believe” shirt, but I’d bet I am thinking a lot more than most people at a game…or a movie, concert or just cruising down the street for that matter. Read on and you will find out what this maddman means.

From Schoolyard Fun to Contract Buyouts
In “Denial” of Sevendust
Curses Reversed?
The 9 You Should Know: Maddness Style
The Return of Rip City
Make The Call; FBI probes NBA referee Donaghy for betting on games
The Sports Week in Review 07/22/07
Sleeper Artist: Simple as k-os
Still Some Good on the Hardwood: The 2007 NBA Awards
Is Man vs. Wild Real? It Doesn’t Matter…
Sleeper Artist: The big Hurt
Shipping up to Boston: Garnett to Celtics deal near done
The Sports Week in Review 8/5/07
Sleeper Artist: Holly Brook
The Rise and Fall, and Rise of the Leadoff Man
Yesterday’s Matinee: Rush Hour
Call It a Comeback: Rick Ankiel Goes Deep Twice
Sleeper Artist: The Soothing Sounds of Syd and Tristan
Homeless in Seattle: The Sonics head the NBA’s Chaotic State


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