El Danimal

Hey, how you doing? Me, I’m good. Been hitting the gym lately you know, starting to really pay off… What do I do? Well, I’ve got some things going right now. I’m sort of a…legal consultant at the moment. Unemployed? Not exactly. Life’s not all about working hard anyways. I like to get extreme and do a little rock climbing or maybe wiffle ball. Love living here in California, born & raised. Books? I’ll read a book, f-yeah! Read this one about this guy, soooo inspirational. I’m also some what of an amateur chef, you should try my risotto. What kind of car do I own? You didn’t ask that? Oh well, I’ll tell you anyway. It’s a European car, yeah a Porsche…I’m getting tired of talking about me though, let’s talk about you and me.


The Steroid Problem: From the Tour de France to the Tour de Bonds
Beyond “Genius”
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The Cacophony NFL Preview Part I


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