Sleeper Artist: Simple as k-os

23 07 2007

by maddness


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The Sports Week in Review

22 07 2007

by maddness

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The 9 You Should Know: Maddness Style

16 07 2007

by maddness

9. Frank Miller –

The graphic novelist has graced the public these past couple of years, putting his unique art stylings to the test of the big screen. With each passing minute an outstanding visual experience, Sin City’s graphic style showed us the world at least these two things: Mickey Rourke is a harsh customer and Jessica Alba looks even better with a black and white background. To see the rest of this article, please click here, or just go over to our “What We Dig” section.

Curses Reversed?

15 07 2007

by maddness

The intrigue of a good sports curse is almost too good to pass up. Seeing a sell out crowd stick with their team in the middle of say, a 50 year losing curse, one can tell who the true fans are. Or can you? There is something culturally “sexy” about following a team at the height of losing, like it’s almost fashionable to not root for the favorite. The intensity seems to be bigger at times, during the curse, than after it’s broken. Read the rest of this entry »

In “Denial” of Sevendust

14 07 2007

by maddness

It’s a shame when the entertainment world skips over something good. I sometimes wonder how many good bands, shows or movies there are out there that I have never heard of, or have judged right off the bat and refused to watch based on some cultural stereotype. For those of you that have heard the heavy metal, yet extremely soulful sound of Lajon Witherspoon’s vocal stylings already know the sort of hypnotism the music puts you under.  Nowhere else will you find a heavy metal scream that rivals Jonathan Davis of Korn, yet can hit a soulful sound that compares to that of R&B star Seal (ok, a stretch, but you get the idea).  Witherspoon, the lead vocalist for the southern hard rock band Sevendust, has been behind the mic for six of their albums, plus an acoustic album and the band has yet to lose its popularity, despite taking one of the most unusual and bumpy journeys possible for a rock band. Read the rest of this entry »

From Schoolyard Fun to Contract Buyouts

12 07 2007

by maddness

Greetings Cacophony Cafe groupies. 

Well, it finally happened…someone has given me my own structured area for rants and rambles, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  You may get tired of me equating world peace to the feeling of a walk-off homerun, but hey, that’s how I do.  I think you’ll find that a common theme of my stylings will be placing more cultural emphasis on things such as sports and comedy, that may not get enough credit in society for shaping the way we live.  In many cases, if we just looked to the simplicity of a baseball game, for instance, and what it means…the world could be moving a lot smoother.  Read the rest of this entry »