Homeless in Seattle: The Sonics head the NBA’s Chaotic State

26 08 2007

by maddness


Seattle or Oklahoma City? Kevin Durant may be the new face of a franchise, but he will not be able to tell you where he will be sleeping in a year.
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The Sports Week in Review 8/5/07

5 08 2007

by maddness

You went camping this weekend, caught a beautiful salmon, had a few beers with your crew and just got back home. The wrench in this seemingly beautiful weekend is the fact you missed out on an action packed sports weekend. Well, you have two choices: you could go watch the same hour long sports news show over and over again on a major network or…just read the next few paragraphs.

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Shipping up to Boston: Garnett to Celtics Deal Done

30 07 2007

by maddness


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The Sports Week In Review 7/29/07

29 07 2007

Here are a couple things that took place in the sports world this week. It’s not everything, but it will keep you floating in conversation at the office.

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The Sports Week in Review

22 07 2007

by maddness

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Will Congress Interfere With the NBA?

21 07 2007

by mr. travis

It’s no secret that gambling is everywhere. Besides the obvious locations of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the gambling culture has seen a boom with the rise of Native American owned casinos. ESPN has even gotten in on the act by parading poker around as if it were some sort of athletic achievement to sit on one’s ass and play cards. Sports books are everywhere; Betting on sports even reaches into such simple things as the local fantasy league. Thus, yesterday’s revelation of NBA referee Tim Donaghy and his alleged mafia driven point shaving scheme should come as really no surprise to anyone paying attention to the world of sports. While there has never been a gambling issue with a member of the officiating corner of the game, the specter of betting has been hanging over the heads of those running the four major sports leagues. From the infamous Chicago “Black Sox” scandal of 1919 to boxer Jake LaMotta taking a fall to the Pete Rose scandal of the late 80’s, gambling has either affected the outcomes of the games, or at least been rumored to have an effect on the games. So, what is Commissioner David Stern and the NBA to do? This scandal is even more dangerous to the sport than the NFL and their band of misfits and criminals, even more damaging than baseball and steroids. If one ref is tainted, who’s to say that there aren’t others? With organized crime possibly involved, who knows how deep their claws have sunk into the sport? Read the rest of this entry »

Make The Call: FBI probes NBA referee Donaghy for betting on games

20 07 2007

by Maddness

One of the most loveable and comedic moments in sports is the post game press conference with an animated coach after a loss.  While we sympathize with the dejected man at the podium, hearing Jeff Van Gundy, for example, calling the ref’s a “joke” is nothing short of hilarious. It also has a funny way of making a coach more human, more “real”. Van Gundy, formerly the head coach of the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets, is famous for his motto “Play On”.  Van Gundy has criticized NBA officials publicly on numerous occasions for making questionable calls at the end of games, declaring what a shame it is for an official to determine the outcome of a players’ game.  Never before has this notion had more light shed on it.  Somewhere at a summer home, there is a smirk on Jeff Van Gundy’s face. Read the rest of this entry »