Still Some Good on the Hardwood: The 2007 NBA Awards

24 07 2007

by maddness

With gambling scandals, a playoff system that needs to be fixed, and a Conference structure so out of balance, finding “good” in the NBA seems like that old needle in a haystack. It seems today, especially after the Tim Donaghy scandal, when someone brings up the NBA, the first 5 things that come into one’s head are negative. “The Eastern Conference is terrible. The Suns got screwed last year. Take away the restricted area (only true fans may know of this one). Only 3 teams have a real chance. Fix the lottery.” It could go on and on, but if the world puts all that on hold for one second, it will realize that they witnessed some great NBA history unfolding in front of their eyes. The talent fans are blessed with seeing is second to none in the world, and that was never more evident that in the 2006-07 NBA season. So, The Cacophony Cafe thought they would hold an Oscar party, but instead of Woody Allen, Russell Crowe or Halle Berry, we will invite Dwayne Wade, Brandon Roy, and many other roundballers. You may be suprised by some of our winners, but it’s Oscar night and we love the drama. And the Oscar goes to…
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The 9 You Should Know: Maddness Style

16 07 2007

by maddness

9. Frank Miller –

The graphic novelist has graced the public these past couple of years, putting his unique art stylings to the test of the big screen. With each passing minute an outstanding visual experience, Sin City’s graphic style showed us the world at least these two things: Mickey Rourke is a harsh customer and Jessica Alba looks even better with a black and white background. To see the rest of this article, please click here, or just go over to our “What We Dig” section.