The Sixth Mix Tape of the Week

26 08 2007

mixtapes 6

Every week we here at Cacophony Central, will pick and choose the songs that have gotten us through the week. Sometimes there’s a rhyme and reason to them, other times, there’s not. We’ll let you decide if there’s a theme or not. Some of it is new, some old, some you’re heard of, some you probably haven’t, but seek out these tracks and we guarantee you some good times. Or at least a way to make you look as cool as us.

If we could, we would post these up, but seeing as we don’t want the man looking down on us, we encourage you to go out and find some of these tunes, wherever they may be. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Side A

1.) Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead (“live through this and you won’t look back”)
2.) The Fire Theft – Summertime (“lift back the veil that hides you and me”)
3.) Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins – Handle with Care (“oh sweet smell of success!”)
4.) The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow (“fields full of houses, endless rows of crowded streets”)
5.) Death Cab for Cutie – We Looked Like Giants (“do you remember the j.a.m.c.?”)
6.) John Lennon – Oh Yoko! (“in the middle of a shave i call your name”)
7.) Elliott Smith – Everything Reminds Me of Her (“hear the same sermon all the time”)
8.) Ryan Adams – Dear Chicago (“the wind’s feelin’ real these days”)
9.) The Get Up Kids – Central Standard Time (“distance will define us all”)
10.) Iron & Wine w/ Calexico – He Lays in the Reins (“for all the speed and strength he gave”)
11.) Bob Dylan – Sara (“i’d taken the cure and was just getting through”)

Side B

1.) The Good Life – Album of the Year (“she was convinced i was under the influence of all those drunken romantics”)
2.) Belle & Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher (“you’ll take care of her i know it, you will do a better job”)
3.) Chuck Ragan – California Burritos (“why waste another day”)
4.) Bright Eyes w/ Emmylou Harris- We Are Nowhere and It’s Now (“if you hate the taste of wine, why do you drink it ’til you’re blind?”)
5.) The National – Start a War (“i’ll get money, i’ll get funny again”)
6.) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (“wait. they don’t love you like i love you”)
7.) Weezer – Butterfly (“if i’m a dog, then you’re a bitch”)
8.) Jimmy Eat World – Disintegration (“stay by my side tonight”)
9.) Against Me! – Pints of Guinness Make You Strong [acoustic version] (“she kept secrets of pride locked so tight in her heart it killed a part of her before the rest was gone”)
10.) Neko Case – Hold On, Hold On (“i leave the party at 3am, alone, thank god”)
11.) Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust (i’ll be damned, here comes your ghost again”)



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