The Fourth Weekly Mix Tape

12 08 2007

mixtape 2


Every week we here at Cacophony Central, will pick and choose the songs that have gotten us through the week. Sometimes there’s a rhyme and reason to them, other times, there’s not. We’ll let you decide if there’s a theme or not. Some of it is new, some old, some you’re heard of, some you probably haven’t, but seek out these tracks and we guarantee you some good times. Or at least a way to make you look as cool as us.

If we could, we would post these up, but seeing as we don’t want the man looking down on us, we encourage you to go out and find some of these tunes, wherever they may be. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Side A
1.) Pulp – Disco 2000
2.) Gang Starr – JFK 2 LAX
3.) Bloc Party – Helicopter
4.) The Shins – So Says I
5.) The White Stripes – Hypnotise
6.) Foo Fighters – No Way Back
7.) The Loved Ones – Jane
8.) Bad Astronaut – Logan’s Run
9.) Dropkick Murphys – The Dirty Glass
10.) Lawrence Arms – The Ramblin’ Boys of Pleasure
11.) Against Me! – Up the Cuts
12.) Armchair Martian – You Deserve This
13.) The Draft – Bordering
14.) Nerf Herder – The Sportsman Bar

Side B

1.) Sundowner – My Boatless Booze Cruise
2.) Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield – My Drug Buddy
3.) The Get Up Kids – Campfire Kansas
4.) Josh Ritter – Girl in Water
5.) Old 97’s – Salome
6.) Elliott Smith – Waltz #2 (XO)
7.) Lali Puna – Faking the Books
8.) Spoon – The Beast and Dragon, Adored
9.) Rolling Stones – Sway
10.) Bright Eyes – If the Brakeman Turns My Way
11.) Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbird



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