The Cacophony Week In Review (just in case you weren’t paying attention)

5 08 2007

It’s not that you didn’t pay attention. It’s not that you didn’t care. It’s just that we have a little time on our hands and decided to regurgitate the past week for you in one easy serving.

Bridge Collapse: 

An interstate bridge on I-35W in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapsed this week that left five dead, eight missing, and about 100 injured. Concrete, crushed cars and a school bus littered the Mississippi in wake of the Collapse. President Bush visited the site on Saturday pledging to have the bridge rebuilt by 2008. The House has already approved $250 million to help rebuild the bridge.

CA Voting Machines:

voting machine

California secretary of State, Debra Bowen (no relation to A’s back up catcher Rob Bowen), barred three voting machine systems due to susceptibility to hacking. However, the systems will still be in place for the presidential primaries in February. So when you select Thompson and get Buchanan, don’t worry they’ll get this right by the next election.

Subprime Market:

stock market

After a drop in the stock market last week, financial analysts did plenty of finger pointing in the direction of subprime lending as the culprit of market instability. Subprime lending is a practice of lending money to borrowers at high interest rates because of their poor credit. The increased interest rate, risk and financial situation of those borrowing makes for bad news when a creditor defaults. The increased number of defaults in the housing market has made it harder for many to receive loans, leading wall street analysts to blame those who approved the risky loans in the first place for the recent slide.


The YearlyKos convention was held in Chicago this week bringing together a combo of blogging nerds and activists. YearlyKos is annual convention gathering of people who “use the Internet and blogs as primary tools for: expressing viewpoints, building consensus, acting to change the status quo, mobilizing huge numbers of people and informing each other and the world about current events…” Hillary Clinton was a guest speaker this year while Bill O’Reilly safely decried the event from his studio afar.

Learn more at:


Bonds, Arod, Finally:


After much waiting, and on a personal level freezing in the stands of AT&T Park, Barry Bonds hit his record tying 755th home run on the road in San Diego. This is probably appropriate since Bonds has thoroughly owned the Padres more than any other team, hitting 87 career home runs against them. Bud Selig attended the game, stood up and stared into the distance after the home run was hit. The real winners here are those who already own tickets to the bleacher seats at AT&T park for this upcoming home stand, can you say Craigslist?

 Arod also broke out of a slump and hit his 500th career home run. About time pretty boy.


Sinking Ship:


The Clippers received more great news this week when they found out that NBA All-Star power forward Elton Brand ruptured his Achilles and will miss at least six months of action. Brand joins Shaun Livingston on the injury list which will likely only grow as Sam Cassell’s body is sure to give out. Other trouble for the Clippers could come in the form of Chris Kaman discovered and captured as the only known Yeti. Suddenly the Lakers don’t look so bad.

The Genius: 

Bill Walsh passed away this week at 75 after a battle with leukemia. Walsh a three time Super Bowl champion and inventor of the West Coast Offense left a great legacy which includes a coaching tree of 29 NFL head coaches.






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