New Film Reviews: The Bourne Ultimatum

3 08 2007

by torytheeducator


There is so much to say about the Bourne Ultimatum, yet it only one phrase can do it justice, ”Best Action Movie of the Year.” By donning this sort of acclaim, one must first take the movie for what it is not. And what it is not is a movie that will win many awards come Oscar time. That being said, the Bourne Ultimatum is not only long the adrenaline, but also has surprising credibility in terms of acting and directing. The action does not disappoint, and the story comes together satisfactorily.

One of the things that can be appreciated about Jason Bourne is his resourcefulness. As the trilogy has moved along, the viewer has seen Bourne take his share of bumps and bruises. In each action sequence he neither aggressor, nor the better combatant. He seems to rely solely on outthinking his opponent and using his surroundings to their fullest physical potential. Ultimatum is no exception. When Bourne finds himself cornered, he does not lash out like the animal he supposedly is. Rather, he is calm and finds a way to inflict the full amount of pain on his counterpart, in this case using a textbook, toiletries, and a hand towel.

When it comes to acting, adding the newly popular David Strathairn to the mix is a no-brainer. Since this is an action film, only a few key characters are needed to drive the plot forward, and the separated performances of Damon and Strathairn do just fine. Damon reestablishes himself as the premiere action star, even if he is not trying to. As far as the directing is concerned, the underrated Paul Greengrass captures the extrememly high paced action well. One complaint from the Supremacy, which Greengrass also directed, was the use of hand cameras for the up close fight sequences. Many felt lost and even dizzy when trying to follow the fight blow by blow. Some felt it gave the movie a disconnected feeling and was used only as a neat camera trick. Yet, this method lends itself perfectly to the film, if only as a metaphor of the struggle between Jason Bourne and his past.

The Bourne Ultimatum is a breath of fresh air in a sweltering summer of movie mediocrity. The action is nearly non-stop, and when there is a slow moment, the actors, Damon and Strathairn namely, add their presence in convincing fashion. Greengrass does a superb job capturing the action from each shard of broken glass Jason Bourne leaves in his path to the seemingly climatic chase scene that rivals that of Deathproof for best of the year. This film is recommended for adrenaline junkies as well as anyone looking for a high paced roller coaster. Jason Bourne truly does come home, and he lets the viewer know it.



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12 08 2007

I LOVED it! HOpe they make a 4th one!!

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