Yesterday’s Matinee: The Bourne Supremacy

2 08 2007

by ms. daisy

bourne supremacy

To call The Bourne Supremacy a supreme improvement over the original would be an understatement. As the second installment of the Bourne series, every heart-hammering turn it brings a new style to the idea behind the spy genre, from the shaky cam effect of the fight scenes to the stylish technoish covered soundtrack that sounds quite natural in the setting of the film. It’s a film that is not easily forgotten, taking The Bourne Identity as a starting point, but increasing the odds and the danger, bringing the story a bit closer to home.

Replacing the previous director Doug Liman, newcomer Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday, United 93) found himself able to take this film to a new level, surpassing the previous entry in nearly every level. With Matt Damon at the top of his game as Jason Bourne , the movie is given time to grow and expand upon previous scenarios. The characters are written with intensity and emotion, making it easy to feel the pain of these people as they are experiencing or reliving horrible events within their lives.

The plot is deceptive, nowhere near as simple as a man on the run story it looks to be. It starts out with a literal bang, with the murder of Marie (Franka Potetne), Jason Bourne’s lover, bringing him out of hiding, dead set on revenge. A new game of cat and mouse begins, as Bourne goes after Kirill (Karl Urban), the assassin who killed his love, as well as looking into CIA agent Pamela Landy (Joan Allen), who has Bourne as a supect for a murder of one of her field agents With the film going in several directions and speeds at once, it becomes a different animal than the first movie. New characters and situations are introduced as Jason Bourne learns more about his dangerous past while pursuing the men who framed him within the Treadstone project.

While the character building is nice, it’s the car chases and fights that help bring the movie together. The action sequences are not little and become heart wrenching as hope for the hero to live becomes a necessity (since it delves so far from the source material there isn’t a feeling of knowing what comes next). The cinematography within the fight sequences are outstanding, instead of being filmed at a wide angle, they are shown in close ups, with Jason Bourne’s fighting limbs as the guide. The shaky cam activity adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere, giving the viewer the feeling that they are actually within the fight due to the intensity of the sequences.

With the box office success of The Bourne Supremacy it became easy for Greengrass and his crew to begin preperation for a third film in the series. The continuing and (final?) part of the Bourne saga (The Bourne Ultimatum) is in theatres on August 3rd.



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