The 2007 Baseball Trade Deadline Awards: Just Like Christmas, Except There’s Baseball (and it’s winter in australia)

31 07 2007

by mr. travis

You know it’s a great day for baseball’s trade deadline when the biggest move is by the Boston Celtics in their acquisition of Kevin Garnett, easily trumping any of the myriad of moves by the major league baseball teams.

Oh..wrong sport?


The fact that basketball stole the limelight doesn’t mean there weren’t any great trades. Far from it, a couple of teams managed to pull off some great steals that will hopefully add to a playoff berth or at least a contract extension or two. But, for all the hype produced by ESPN and the numerous fantasy baseball sites and message boards, there weren’t any groundbreaking trades.

So, let us take a look and see who won, who lost in our First Annual “Thank God For the Trade Deadline (So I Can Waste Time at Work By Refreshing ESPN.Com Every Five Minutes)” awards:

The “Best Moves by a Team Still In the Playoff Hunt” Award:

Mark Texeira

Nice moves Atlanta. Acquiring Mark Texeira (though, for a steep price) will add depth, power, and some more rbi’s, giving a cushion for Brian McCann, and Andruw and Chipper Jones. Dotel will be great in either the setup or closing position (he should definitely be the closer, and not Wickman). But, if anything, this is a battle cry and a signification that the Bobby Cox era may be coming to a close soon. Management feels that this may be their last chance, so they effectively cut off their immediate future to focus on the here and now. And it should pay off, the Mets are easily passable, especially with their current, ailing lineup (hey Minaya, how’s Moises Alou these days?)

The “Best Moves By a Team That Will be in the Playoff Hunt . . . in 2010” Award:

So, it’s obvious that Texas knows their team is done. For all the money they spent the last couple of off seasons, all that remains is Slammin’ Sammy and Michael Young. But, all is not lost, for the players they acquired all have potential upside (with the four of them almost guaranteed to be stars). And it all starts with Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who will now be playing his ball at first, at least until Gerald Laird is gone. Salty is going to be a star, the foundation for this young Rangers team. Don’t be surprised if this team causes at least a small ruckus in the west, not by moving up the standings, but by playing the spoiler to those still trying to make it to October.

The “Deal of the Year” That Really Isn’t the “Deal of the Year” Award:


Sooo, this Gagne trade. Yeah, someone needs to knock on Theo Epstein’s door and ask him if he confused the Red Sox with his fantasy team, because having three closers doesn’t help the fact that his offense has been absolutely shitty the past few weeks. If this were any other team besides the Sox, ESPN would be having a field day on them, bringing out Buster Olney and Peter Gammons to tell us how poor it was to trade three upper tier prospects for Gagne (who hasn’t finished a season..since..when…2003?) to essentially be a set up guy. But, because it’s Boston, everyone is praising them, but for…what? Hey, newsflash Mr. Epstein, you know that team, the Yankees that was so crappy the first half of the year. Well, they are the Yankees and they are looking to knock you guys out, whether it be out of first place, or out of the playoffs. Horrible move at just the wrong time. If I were a Boston fan I would be asking the Bambino for forgiveness since it looks like he has returned his curse upon the poor Boston faithful.

The “Really? That’s All You Could Do?” Award:

Luis Castillo to the Mets. That would’ve been awesome. . . in 2004. Omar Minaya would’ve been better off sticking a piece of plywood at second base. It would have better movement and flexibility than the overrated Castillo. Well, at least Mets fans can all enjoy the playoffs at home, as they’ll be watching the Braves win the east with ease. Round of applause for those Miracle Mets.

The “Hey! Let’s Get Shittier” Award:

Matt Morris to the Pirates. I think management is confused and they believe that if their starting five average more than one hit per inning, it’s something to be proud of. Another sad day for a once proud franchise. But hey, at least Jim Tracy has Cesar Izturis at shortstop to help him reminisce about the good ol’ days when he was Tommy Lasorda’s bitch in Los Angeles.

The “Oh Boy! I get to play behind Arod on the depth chart” Award:

Wilson Betemit is a 3rd baseman with great potential. So, why would the Yankees trade for him when they already have the best 3rd baseman in the league? It’s an odd move, except it is significant. Either the Yanks are prepared for Arod to walk away from his contract at years end, or they’re gearing up to dump Giambi and have Betemit play first.

The “Best Move By a Team to Get the Yankees Leftovers” Award:

scott proctor

Scott Proctor to the Dodgers. Five bucks says this guy is the one to give up the homer to Bonds that ties Hank Aaron’s record. Then he’ll go on the DL because his arm is one curveball away from falling off due to Yankees manager Joe Torre relying on him far too much (they call that “Dusty Baker Syndrome”). Of course, maybe he’ll burn his jock strap to get rid of the bad voodoo that’s been plaguing him this year, because that really worked well in New York. Worked out so well that he got traded to the far side of the country. If the voodoo doesn’t work, try Tommy John surgery.

The “Wait. . . We Can Only Have 25 Players on Our Active Roster?” Award:

The Padres sure did make a lot of moves to gain a bunch of mediocre players on an already mediocre team. Morgan Ensberg, Rob Mackowiak, and Scott Hairston are not exactly players that strike fear in the hearts of pitchers. And who are they going to send down? Mike Cameron and his whopping batting average? At least Michael Barrett will have more punching bags to take out his frustrations on. Because this is a team that will only become increasingly more frustrating as the year goes on.

And finally….

The “We Didn’t Trade You, So We’ll Just Dump You Instead” Award:

kielty is a crazy mother fucker

Bobby Kielty to the waiver wire, courtesy of the floundering Oakland Athletics. Tough break man. At least you could make a living being Ronald McDonald at your local Mickey D’s.



2 responses

30 08 2007
Peter Neville

We should give Mr. Travis the ” Boy you really know your baseball award…… NOT!” Re: the Padres, they really are growing more frustrated as the year progress.?????They are 8-2 in their last 10 games and just moved into first place last night. Why don’t you talk more about the RS, Yanks, and Braves more…..blah, blah, blah. That Gagne trade…Wow, what a smart move that was?

Will someone please give Kevin Tower, Padres’ GM the credit he deserves.


3 08 2008

Very nice!!

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