While We Were Sleeping: The Daily News Break for 07/30/07

30 07 2007


We here at Cacophony believe in the free spread of information, especially when it comes to the news. Unfortunatley, the news that is the most readily available (i.e. the big three: cnn, msnbc, foxnews) tend to have a narrow focus. While we don’t claim to have all the news, each and every day we’ll try to post the stuff that the big 3 didn’t bother to tell you, things that may have an effect on your everyday lives. This is by no means meant to be a definitive list, so if you see something that we missed that you feel is just as important, please post a comment and let us know about it. The more information we share with each other the more knowledge we can gain, and with knowledge comes power and with power comes freedom.

Republican Candidates: Afraid to Face the YouTube Generation

Inside Iran’s nuclear nerve centre: halfway house to an atomic bomb

Bush Aide Blocked Report

Iran: U.S. Arms Deal Will Destabilize Mideast

Bush’s Turkish Gamble

Anti-porn Romney confuses YouTube with MySpace

US military aid for Middle East

US urges ‘comfort women’ apology

Cannabis harm worse than tobacco

Corruption ‘mars Iraq rebuilding’



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30 07 2007

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