The Sports Week In Review 7/29/07

29 07 2007

Here are a couple things that took place in the sports world this week. It’s not everything, but it will keep you floating in conversation at the office.

The Home Stretch for Bondsbarry-bonds.jpg
How much longer will Bud Selig’s “Tour de Bonds” continue? With each at bat, San Francisco rises, but the rest of the world boos. With only one more to tie, it could not get more interesting for Bonds, as the next stop on the Giants’ schedule takes them to Los Angeles to play the rival Dodgers. Dodger fans probably claim to be the ones that made heckling Barry fashionable, so don’t expect a well behaved bunch on the next stop of Tour de Bonds.

Couple of Good Ones: Ripken and Gwynn in the Hall
Does this make the world smile because two of baseball’s greats were honored today? Or does this make it frown because today’s ceremony was a reminder that guys like Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. are long gone from today’s game? The great Derek Jeter aside, what current MLB superstar can you see sticking it out in the same uniforn his entire career? We should smile for at least a little while, but then begin the hard target search for Ripken and Gwynn clones; beware, it will be a long, hard search.

Congress Wants to Chat with Stern
While it’s unclear what the specifics will be, the chairman of a House subcommitee is seeking a discussion with NBA Commish David Stern on the recent Tim Donaghy gambling scandal. Maybe the specifics of the situation question whether or not Congress should get involved, but does this really shock anyone? Each of the four major sports should just insert a three day “Congress Break” in their regular season. Those off drugs and free of crime will enjoy a nice three day vacation like they get during an All Star Break.

San Jose Sabercats Win Third AFL Title in Six Years
If anyone cared about the AFL, they would notice a dynasty happening in San Jose, California, home to the now 3-time World Champion San Jose Sabercats. The easy thing would be to cry “underdog” for the AFL, but with MLS and the NHL, it will have to take a number.



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