Is Man vs. Wild Real? It Doesn’t Matter…

27 07 2007

by maddness

If viewers didn’t already ask the question before, they will now; is Man vs. Wild real? Is Bear Grylls really out there eating turtles, sleeping under rocks, and drinking his own urine?

The survival show has become the darling of The Discovery Channel over it’s past two seasons, providing both entertainment and education on surviving the brutal conditions of Mother Nature. The show has become so popular, that The Discovery Channel runs a marathon of re-runs once a week, even during primetime. Grylls may now be facing his most adverse conditions, as there are reports that the show is NOT as real as they lead you to believe.

It is reported that Bear Grylls and his crew have slept in motels during these journeys on at least two occasions. Another report has Grylls’ escape from a deserted island in question. Apparently the raft he “constructed” had already been assembled by a crew, but then taken apart so Grylls could rebuild it easier with the cameras rolling. With this skeptism now out there, many viewers are agitated; but why? If this upsets someone because they want to see someone surviving real conditions, you don’t have to look beyond The Discovery Channel.

Survivorman features Les Stroud, another adventurer, but more of an “every man” compared to Bear Grylls. Stroud purposely does not practice or prepare so his audience sees surviving by trial and error. Also different from Man vs. Wild is the fact Survivorman contains only Stroud; no camera crew. It is one man out there surviving in the conditions. So, if this is what the agitated Man vs. Wild audience is after, they should tune into Survivorman. Where it lacks is education. Grylls is more dedicated to showing how something is done, while Stroud is literally trying to survive for himself.

The Discovery Channel stated they will make Man vs. Wild more “transparent”, outlining in more detail the validitiy of Grylls’ every move. While it’s not clear what that means exactly, they are confident the show will continue on with success. Repeats of the old shows will also be edited, apparently removing scenes where the reality is in question. The point here is regardless of what comes of this Man vs. Wild incident, there is still everything the viewers need on The Discovery Channel; survival education and survival reality television. The shows used to work in tandem, but now it’s becoming Grylls vs. Stroud. While Stroud may be more able to survive in the cold, Grylls can at least point you to a Motel 6 near the Everglades.



4 responses

30 07 2007

I don’t care if some of Man Vs. Wild isn’t real. I have seen Bear Grylls drink his own urine and bite the head off a snake. A fucking live snake! Its no Deadliest Catch, but I am still a loyal viewer.

23 11 2007

I too personally do not care of M.V.W. is “real” or “fake”. I find Bear to be more engaging and less whiny, unlike is counterpart Les. In every episode, Les does something rather stupid and then complains for the rest of the episode. “Why did I do this, why did I come here, this is hard…” If I wanted to hear that, I would go out to the wilderness myself. Besides, the point of Bear’s show isn’t about whether or not it is real, it is about how to get out of dangerous situations.

14 02 2009

come on there is no way that survivor man is all alone. Your telling me that he carries all that equpiment with him all the time. And then on some shots he is walking out of a place or moving on, walks about 200 yards to set up 3 cameras, then walks back the 200 yrds, acts like he is just now moving for the shot, and then walks back to pick up the cameras? There is no way when he is tired from “surviving” that he does all that extra work having only having ate a few bugs and a frog. And this happens every show, numerous times. And in the everglades episode he is on his raft and there are shots of him being taking down the river at a fast pace and there are shots from land. So he does the repeted task but paddles back up stream to get his equpiment that he went down stream in the first place to set up? No way!! just watch and you will see what i am talking about. They are both great shows but go to bear’s website, his offical, he is a bad ass no matter how extream his show is. My money is always on Man Vs Wild because he uses the extream survival. He even says only an experianced person should try this.

24 04 2009
Jane Goody

The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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