The Sports Week in Review

22 07 2007

by maddness

Asleep all week? Check in with us each week and we’ll show you some decent stuff you may have missed along your way.
Michael Vick indicted for dog fighting scandal

The world is wondering if Michael Vick is going to be able to give the Atlanta Falcons his best Kobe Bryant impersonation, flying back and forth between court dates, practices and games. Despite Vick being one of the most dynamic athletes in the world, it’s not certain if it’s wise for Atlanta to wait on the Vick situation. Curious that “QB-For-Hire” Daunte Culpepper’s name hasn’t surfaced in this mess yet as a possible replacement.

The FBI begins investigating NBA referee for betting on games

Reactions have now shifted to skeptism of the NBA’s purity. If this turns out to be true, Tim Donaghy can’t be the only guy doing this, can he?

Welcome, David Beckham

Beckham suited up for the Los Angeles Galaxy Saturday, officially unvailing L.A.’s $250 million investment. One can only wonder; who do we have in America that another country would pay $250 million for?

Bonds has big day, only three away

Barry Bonds hit two homeruns Thursday, bringing him to within 3 of passing Hank Aaron. The steroids saga aside, one must be talented to get 753 base hits in Major League Baseball; let alone 750+ homeruns. The world shouldn’t waste too much energy on this Bonds thing though, as in a few years, we will be watching the all-time homerun leader, Alex Rodriguez.

Yi will not play in Milwaukee, says China

The lack of a Chinese population in Wisconsin has turned China sour on allowing Yi Jianlian to play for the Bucks. The only logical solution seems to be a trade, unless the Yi camp change their minds, let him play and focus on getting him out of Milwaukee when his rookie contract expires. The Boston Celtics, who have seen the city of Boston be successful in boistering an international superstar already with Japanese sensation Daisuke Matsuzaka, are a logical destinatination in a trade. The Golden State Warriors are another because they play in the California Bay Area, home to a huge Chinese population.

Kobe still mum on Lakers situation

Bryant suited up for Team USA this week, but went to evasive maneuvers when approached by reporters at a practice. Kobe admitted if he could go back in time, he would not have handled his trade demand this way. Wow, if Kobe could go back in time…

Re-Launch: Francis back with Rockets

The Rocket formerly known as “Franchise” has grown up since he last put on Rockets’ red. Francis claims to be all about winning games, willing to rid himself of his former “Stevie Franchise” persona and form a solid, balanced attack with Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. “I’m not really looking to do the flashy stuff like I used to,” Francis said at the Rockets press conference. “That right there was just to get on Sportscenter. Now, I’m trying to get on Sportscenter winning games.” Rockets media and fans cheered this return, but did any of them notice Francis admitted to spending the better part of his past Rocket years just trying to get on Sportscenter?

Aces wild on Saturday; Penny, Haren among those who shine
Brad Penny moved his record up to an astonishing 12-1 when the Dodgers beat the Mets Saturday, moving him closer to the NL Cy Young Award he seems destined to win this year. Over in the American League, Oakland’s Dan Haren wants a Cy Young of his own, as he moved to 11-3 with the A’s defeat of the Baltimore Orioles. Saturday also may have given us a preview of future Cy Young Award winners, as Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants pitched eight shutout innings and Boston’s Kason Gabbard moved to 4-0 with a victory over the White Sox.



2 responses

22 07 2007

it was a big week in sports. Lots of good action going on.

22 07 2007

A very busy week. I’m curious to see what will happen to Michael Vick.

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