Dabbling in Free Speech

3 07 2007

by torytheeducator

So, this is what it has come to. They finally let me have my own blog. God should be coming at any moment, so get your rosaries and penance in order. But seriously. My name is Tory and I will be a frequent contributor to this thing we call the Cacophony Cafe. I must say that I am more than excited to be apart of this. First, let’s start with the introduction. I am Mr. Travis’ best friend’s cousin, which by default makes me the most obvious choice to join the melee. I am currently in the process of getting my Masters of Arts in Education as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Therefore, I feel I am highly qualified to levy judgement on such subjects as movies, sports, and the world in general. I may be the most left person on this blog, but we shall see. I can only say that this space may be the subject of more than a few controversial comments. These comments, I hope, will inspire debate of a non-ignorant nature, and the free exchange of ideas. The person who can censor your ideas is you. As Bill Paley stated in the film “Good Night, and Good Luck”, “I would argue that we all censor.”

Enough of that however, let’s get down to brass tacks.

What in the name of Orson Welles is going on in the movies? Have we lost all of our sensibilities and ideas? The movie industry continues to amaze me in its complete and utter lack of originality. The trend should be more than obvious. One studio gets an idea, makes a movie, then the rest follow with some variation of the same idea. And we buy the shit out of it. Penguins are forced down our throats, and parents eat it alive. Kids will watch anything and be entertained. For this the studios must be applauded as they are making a killing. However, because of this we get beyond lackluster sequels and remakes. Then, when a decent film does come about, it gets utterly destroyed by the likes of TMNT or Spiderman 3. Is it so hard to find a decent film? I don’t think it is, yet we are continually subject to the same rehashed ideas.

One of the films I speak of is Grindhouse. This is by far one of the best films of year, and no one went to see it. Not only was is a superb film, it had one of the most ingenious devices: the double feature. I remember when those used to be commonplace in the theater, but multiplexes have all but ruined any chance we may have at a renaissance. I agree the Rodriguez piece, “Planet Terror”, was not up to the level of the eternal genius Tarantino and his portion, “Deathproof.” Both of these films were fun to watch, especially the stunt in Deathproof, which go down as one of the best ever caught on film. But we find ourselves with an original idea and it gets hammered. I remember going to see “Hot Fuzz”, and the line for Spiderman 3 was unbelievable. I can only imagine what “Transformers” will be like.

The point is, go see a film in a genre you normally wouldn’t. How many of us were shocked when we left the theatre after watching “Pan’ Labyrinth”? Yet, when I tell people about that film, there first response is what language it is in, which is sad in and of itself. They will be missing one of the most visually stunning films ever. However, I urge the readers of this blog to see a film they know nothing about. Read a review, people who watch movies professionally usually know what they are talking about. Watch a foreign film. Watch an indie film. Go see something out of the mainstream. This place will be reserved for such movies, as well as the big ones. So, I impart my first recommendation. It comes from a person I love very dearly. The film is “me and you, and everyone we know.” Until the next time, fight the good fight and keep your dreams alive.



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