Pleased to Meet Me

2 07 2007

by mr. travis

And we are live, up and running.

I really wanted to start this last week. But, with the arrival of the iphone, I truly didn’t wish to get in the way of the mass amount of consumerism that diverted our attention from truly pressing issues. I mean, really, if you have a cell phone and an you really need an iphone? It seems like such a niche target demographic, the ones that have neither the phone, or the pod, and make enough money to throw down large amounts of dollar for, well, basically a phone that can play some music. I wonder if people were this excited when Henry Ford unrolled the automobile that contained…gasp..a radio. And I wonder if some asshole wrote in his daily newspaper an editorial lamenting the car with the radio and the rampant consumerism that was overtaking our nation. Probably not.

But, I digress.

The purpose of this . . . blog (oh, how I hate that term), besides being snarky and irrelevant, is to throw out random thoughts and ideas on politics, movies, music, sports, books, my bus ride downtown, whatever basically comes to my mind. I’ve also invited a few friends to join in, and once they receive passwords and whatnot, maybe they’ll be included in this little makeshift community.

Ultimately, the goal is to go bigger with this being a springboard to an independent website that will be more magazine format than blog format. But, until then, this will have to do. There will be changes to the format as I see what works, what doesn’t, but until then, this format will do. But, really, it’s a means to start a dialogue. Hopefully others will join in and a dialogue can be started which will lead to the answers to the questions of which we all seek, or at least an understanding as to why the Cubs and the Yankees have almost equal reverence, despite being on opposite ends of the win/loss spectrum (though not this year..take that New York!). Then, maybe world peace will be achieved and all can say “yeah, cacophony cafe. Without that. . . blog, the world would’ve ended.” The possibilities are endless. Which is really what life is, a series of endless possibilities. Too often we lock ourselves into our own innane worlds, cutting off the possibilities, not because they’re not there, but because we destroy our own perception of those possibilities. I think I saw that on a fortune cookie once.

So, this is the intro. More will be up later, but as I am leaving town for a week and none of you should be on your computers anyway (it’s the 4th of july week kids) so this thing will be running full time starting Monday July 9th. Which will be great. I promise.



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